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Energy Saving Maintenance Plan $247

No one likes surprises, especially when it’s waking up to no heat, or coming home to a hot house with no air-conditioning on the hottest day of the year.  Brewer Heating and Cooling will provide you or your business with a routine annual maintenance plan to reduce this risk.  We will come out twice a year to clean and service your system.  We are there to clean, adjust, and check your system, making sure it’s running as efficiently as possible.  We are not there to sell you a bunch of repairs you don’t need in order to meet some sales goal to please investors.  We are family owned and we’ve been in the Indianapolis area for almost 20 years.  The investment often times will pay for itself saving you energy costs and emergency after hours fees.  You will also save 15% on any repairs while part of the plan.  Rest assured with an Energy Saving Maintenance Plan.

Includes 2 Annual Service and Cleaning Visits

There is peace of mind in regular maintenance.  You should sharpen your lawn mower blades every year for a cleaner cut, and to use less gas.  You should change the oil in your car routinely to improve gas mileage and prevent premature failure.  You should also have your heating and air-conditioning system cleaned and serviced annually to make sure it is running as efficiently as it can, and prevent premature breakdown or failure.

Program Benefits

Two service and cleaning appointments annually with a safety and service inspection to keep your system safe and running at peak performance.
  • Priority Service – if you do have an issue and you are calling when everyone else is too, we give priority service to those who are on the Energy Saving Maintenance Plan
  • 15% off repairs and diagnostic fees, should you need any, during normal business hours
  • No after hours opening fees, should you need service after hours, or on the weekend.
Proper maintenance and care can increase the life of your system, keep your warranty in effect, and reduce your utility bills!