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HVAC, Electrical, & Plumbing Services in Fishers, IN

When it comes to making your home the haven you deserve, Brewer Heating & Cooling stands out as your all-in-one solution in Fishers, IN. We go beyond just fixing things; we’re dedicated to elevating your living experience.

Our heating and cooling services are tailored to keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round. Whether it’s installing efficient heating systems or swiftly handling air conditioning issues, count on us for comfort. But that’s not all – we extend our expertise to plumbing and electrical services. Leaks, electrical glitches – we’ve got the expertise to ensure your home runs seamlessly.

What makes us different? We believe in simplicity and transparency. No confusing technical talk, no surprise charges – just honest, reliable service that prioritizes your comfort. Choose Brewer Heating & Cooling for solutions that go beyond installations and repairs – we build relationships.

Heating Services in Fishers, IN

Brewer Heating & Cooling is your reliable ally for heating services in Fishers, IN. Our committed team handles everything from seamless installations to thorough repairs and maintenance. At Brewer Heating & Cooling, we believe in delivering not just warmth but also fairness and honesty. Trust us to bring the warmth you deserve with integrity and expertise.



Furnaces, the workhorses of winter, are central to maintaining a warm haven in Fishers homes. These heating systems generate heat by burning fuel or using electricity, and distribute it through ducts, ensuring consistent warmth. From gas furnaces to electric ones, Brewer Heating & Cooling is adept at installing, repairing, and maintaining these essential systems, making sure your winters are cozy and comfortable.

Air Handlers

Air handlers play a crucial role in regulating indoor climates by circulating conditioned air throughout your home. Brewer Heating & Cooling excels in installing, repairing, and maintaining air handlers, optimizing the distribution of heated air throughout your home. Our team ensures that your air handler operates seamlessly, contributing to a consistent and cozy atmosphere all year round.

  • Air Handler Installation
  • Air Handler Repair
  • Air Handler Maintenance
  • Boiler Installation
  • Boiler Repair
  • Boiler Maintenance


Boilers bring a different approach to heating, using water to distribute warmth. These systems are known for their efficiency and even heat distribution. Experience reliable and efficient heating with our boiler services in Fishers. We understand the intricacies of boiler systems, ensuring that your home receives the warmth it deserves. Trust us to keep your boiler operating at peak performance, providing a reliable source of heat during the colder months.

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini split systems are revolutionizing home comfort by providing zoned heating and cooling without the need for ductwork. These compact units offer flexibility, allowing you to control the climate in individual rooms. In Fishers, we install, repair, and maintain ductless mini splits, giving you the freedom to tailor the temperature of different spaces according to your preferences.

  • Ductless Mini Split Installation
  • Ductless Mini Split Repair
  • Ductless Mini Split Maintenance
  • Geothermal HVAC Installation
  • Geothermal HVAC Repair
  • Geothermal HVAC Maintenance

Geothermal HVAC Systems

Geothermal HVAC systems tap into the Earth’s natural temperature for efficient heating and cooling. By leveraging the stable ground temperature, these systems offer sustainable comfort. Brewer Heating & Cooling specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of geothermal systems in Fishers, providing environmentally friendly solutions for year-round climate control.

Heat Pumps

When it comes to efficient heating solutions, heat pumps are a game-changer. Brewer Heating & Cooling is your go-to expert for heat pump services in Fishers, IN. Specializing in the installation, repair, and maintenance of heat pumps, we’re dedicated to keeping your home warm and cozy throughout the chilly months. Trust Brewer Heating & Cooling for all your heat pump needs and enjoy reliable, energy-efficient heating for your home.

  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Heat Pump Maintenance
  • HVAC Installation
  • HVAC Repair
  • HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Systems

Brewer Heating & Cooling specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient heating. Trust us to optimize your system, ensuring that your Fishers home remains comfortably warm throughout the heating season.

Zoned HVAC

Transform your home’s climate control with a zoned HVAC system. Designed to cater to the specific needs of each area in your home, our zoned HVAC systems offer unparalleled customization, allowing you to personalize the temperature in different zones for optimal comfort. Whether you’re seeking installation, repairs, or ongoing maintenance, our specialized team is well-equipped to deliver precise solutions. Zoned HVAC not only enhances comfort but also promotes energy efficiency, translating into potential cost savings. Brewer Heating & Cooling is committed to transparent and fair services, ensuring that your experience is marked by reliability and a tailored approach to meet your home’s unique heating and cooling requirements.

Cooling Services in Fishers, IN

Brewer Heating & Cooling understands the importance of a reliable cooling system in Fishers’ warmer seasons. Whether you’re looking to beat the summer heat with a new AC installation or seeking prompt and honest solutions for an existing unit, trust us to bring a breath of fresh, cool air to your living space. Choose Brewer Heating & Cooling for cooling services that prioritize your comfort and make your home the perfect escape from the summer heat.


In the scorching summers of Fishers, a reliable air conditioning system is your ultimate relief. These systems utilize refrigerants to absorb and expel heat, providing a refreshing breeze throughout your home. Brewer Heating & Cooling installs, repairs, and maintains cutting-edge air conditioning units, improving performance and protecting your investment. Our skilled technicians ensure your home stays cool and comfortable, creating a retreat from the summer heat with precision and efficiency.

Air Handlers

Air handlers are the unsung heroes behind consistent and even cooling in your home. These units circulate conditioned air, enhancing the efficiency of your cooling system. Brewer Heating & Cooling specializes in installing, repairing, and maintaining air handler units, ensuring cool air is evenly distributed to create a comfortable environment for every corner of your living space.

  • Air Handler Installation
  • Air Handler Repair
  • Air Handler Maintenance
  • Ductless Mini Split Installation
  • Ductless Mini Split Repair
  • Ductless Mini Split Maintenance

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini split systems revolutionize cooling by offering targeted climate control without the need for ductwork. With compact indoor units and an external compressor, these systems provide flexibility in cooling individual rooms. Brewer Heating & Cooling is adept at installing, repairing, and maintaining these compact units, offering zoned cooling to individual rooms. Enjoy flexibility and energy-efficient cooling tailored to your specific needs in Fishers.

Geothermal HVAC Systems

For those inclined towards sustainable cooling, geothermal HVAC systems harness the Earth’s stable temperature for efficient climate control. These systems use the ground as a heat exchange medium, offering eco-friendly cooling solutions. Brewer Heating & Cooling excels in the installation, repair, and maintenance of geothermal systems, ensuring your home remains cool while treading lightly on the environment.

  • Geothermal HVAC Installation
  • Geothermal HVAC Repair
  • Geothermal HVAC Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are energy-efficient systems that provide cooling in the summer as well as heating in the winter. When it’s time to beat the heat in Fishers, IN, turn to Brewer Heating & Cooling for expert heat pump services that keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. From professional installation to speedy repairs and thorough maintenance, we’re your trusted partner in cooling solutions.

HVAC Systems

Our HVAC systems provide comprehensive cooling solutions that effectively control temperatures within your home. Brewer Heating & Cooling performs installation, repair, and maintenance for HVAC systems, delivering versatile and efficient cooling to your Fishers home. Trust us to keep you comfortably cool when the temperatures soar.

  • HVAC Installation
  • HVAC Repair
  • HVAC Maintenance

Indoor Air Quality in Fishers, IN

Ensuring good indoor air quality is paramount for a healthy and comfortable living environment. Poor air quality can impact your well-being, exacerbating allergies and respiratory issues. At Brewer Heating & Cooling, we understand the significance of clean, fresh air in your home. Let us be your partner in creating a space where every breath is refreshing and invigorating.


Breathe easy with our air filter replacement service. Over time, air filters accumulate dust and pollutants, hindering their effectiveness. Our experts ensure your filters are promptly replaced, maintaining optimal air quality and safeguarding your home against airborne particles.


Experience a breath of fresh air with our air purifier installations. These cutting-edge devices eliminate allergens, bacteria, and viruses, promoting a healthier indoor environment. Let us enhance your space with state-of-the-art air purifiers for a purified and revitalizing atmosphere.

  • Air Purifier Installation
  • Air Purifier Repair

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Safety comes first, and our carbon monoxide detector installations are your defense against this silent threat. Our experts ensure proper placement and functioning, providing peace of mind and protecting your home from this odorless but dangerous gas.

  • Dehumidifier Installation
  • Dehumidifier Repair


Banish excess humidity with our dehumidifier solutions. These devices maintain an optimal humidity level, preventing mold growth and improving overall air quality. Let us create a comfortable and healthy environment by controlling moisture in your home.

Duct Cleaning

Give your home a breath of fresh air with our duct cleaning service. Over time, dust, allergens, and contaminants accumulate in your ducts, affecting air quality. Our meticulous duct cleaning ensures that the air circulating in your home is clean, promoting a healthier living space.


Damaged ducts can compromise air quality and energy efficiency. Our duct repair services focus on fixing issues to enhance the performance of your HVAC system, ensuring that the air reaching your living spaces is clean and uncontaminated.


Outdated or damaged ducts can contribute to poor air quality. Our duct replacement service addresses this issue, providing you with modern, efficient ductwork that improves air circulation and enhances the overall quality of the air in your home.


Seal the deal for better air quality with our duct sealing services. Leaky ducts allow pollutants to enter your living spaces. Duct sealing ensures that your ductwork is airtight, preventing contaminants from compromising your indoor air quality.

Electronic Air Cleaner Installation

Step into the future of clean air with our electronic air cleaner installations. These advanced systems capture and remove particles, ensuring that the air circulating in your home is free from allergens and contaminants. Let us elevate your indoor air quality with cutting-edge technology.

  • Electronic air cleaner installation
  • Humidifier Installation
  • Humidifier Repair


Maintain the perfect balance with our humidifier installations. In dry climates, a lack of humidity can lead to discomfort and respiratory issues. Our experts ensure that your home’s humidity levels are optimal, enhancing overall air quality and promoting a healthier living environment.

Ionizer Air Purifier Installation

Experience the power of ions with our ionizer air purifier installations. These devices release negatively charged ions that attach to particles, removing them from the air. Let us bring this innovative technology to your home, providing you with cleaner and fresher air.

  • Ionizer Air Purifier Installation
  • Media Air Cleaner Installation

Media Air Cleaner Installation

Upgrade your air quality with our media air cleaner installations. These high-efficiency systems capture and filter out particles, ensuring that the air in your home is free from allergens and pollutants. Trust us to bring superior air-cleaning solutions to your living spaces.

Radon Testing

Protect your home from hidden threats with our radon testing services. Radon, a colorless and odorless gas, can pose serious health risks. Our thorough testing ensures that your home is free from radon, safeguarding the health and well-being of your loved ones.

Radon Mitigation

If radon is detected, our radon mitigation services are the solution. Our experts implement effective measures to reduce radon levels, creating a safe and healthy indoor environment for you and your family.


Efficient temperature control begins with our thermostat solutions. Our expert installations ensure precise control over your indoor climate, allowing you to optimize both comfort and energy efficiency. Trust us to enhance your home’s air quality with smart thermostat solutions.

  • Thermostat Installation
  • Thermostat Repair

UV Air Cleaner Installation

Harness the power of UV light for cleaner air with our UV air cleaner installations. These systems eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses, providing an added layer of protection to enhance your indoor air quality. Let us bring this advanced technology to your home for a healthier living space.

UV Light Installation

Let UV light be your ally in the fight against airborne contaminants. Our UV light installations target and neutralize bacteria, viruses, and mold, ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and pure. Trust us to illuminate your home with the power of UV technology.

  • Whole Home Ventilator Installation
  • Whole Home Ventilator Repair

Whole Home Ventilators

Revitalize your indoor air with our whole home ventilators. These systems bring in fresh outdoor air while expelling stale indoor air, promoting better circulation and improving overall air quality. Choose Brewer Heating & Cooling for comprehensive solutions that breathe new life into your home.

Commercial HVAC Services in Fishers, IN

In the dynamic world of business, having a reliable and honest partner for commercial HVAC services is crucial. In Fishers, IN, Brewer Heating & Cooling is not just a service provider – we’re your partner in success. Choose us for commercial HVAC services that prioritize the well-being of your business, ensuring a comfortable and productive environment for your team and clients alike. Our tailored commercial HVAC services in Fishers are designed not just to keep your systems running but to contribute to the success of your enterprise.

Commercial AC Installation

Transform your business environment with commercial AC installation. A well-installed air conditioning system not only ensures a comfortable atmosphere for your employees and clients but also enhances productivity. Brewer Heating & Cooling focuses on precision installations, providing your business with a climate control solution that promotes a conducive and refreshing work environment.

Commercial AC Repair

When your business’s air conditioning falters, so does the comfort and productivity of your workspace. Our commercial AC repair service is dedicated to swiftly addressing issues, ensuring minimal downtime. Trust Brewer Heating & Cooling to provide efficient, honest, and reliable repairs, allowing your business to maintain an optimal indoor climate and keep operations running smoothly.

Commercial AC Maintenance

Preventive measures are key to the longevity of your business’s AC system. Our commercial AC maintenance services keep your HVAC equipment in peak condition, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Regular maintenance not only saves you from costly repairs but also ensures that your business enjoys consistent and efficient cooling year-round.

Commercial Furnace Installation

As winter approaches, a quality heating system becomes essential for a comfortable work environment. Our commercial furnace installation services are tailored to meet the unique heating needs of your business. Brewer Heating & Cooling ensures that your furnace is installed with precision, providing reliable warmth that contributes to a cozy and productive workspace.

Commercial Furnace Repair

A malfunctioning furnace can disrupt your business operations and impact the well-being of your employees. Our commercial furnace repair service is geared towards addressing issues promptly and efficiently. Count on Brewer Heating & Cooling to deliver trustworthy repairs, restoring warmth to your business and creating a conducive environment for success.

Commercial Furnace Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to a reliable and efficient commercial furnace. Our commercial furnace maintenance services focus on preventive care, ensuring that your heating system operates seamlessly when you need it most. With Brewer Heating & Cooling, your business can rely on consistent warmth, promoting a comfortable and productive atmosphere.

Commercial Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

For businesses seeking flexible and energy-efficient climate control, commercial variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems provide an ideal solution. These systems allow for individualized temperature control in different zones, optimizing comfort and energy efficiency. Brewer Heating & Cooling’s expertise in installing, repairing, and maintaining VRF systems ensures that your business enjoys precise and cost-effective climate management.


Whether you’re dealing with a pesky leak, planning to upgrade plumbing appliances, or seeking routine maintenance, our plumbing services are tailored to meet your unique needs. From water heater installations to sewer line repairs, we bring expertise and a customer-centric approach to ensure that your plumbing system functions seamlessly, allowing you to focus on the joys of homeownership.

In Fishers, Brewer Heating & Cooling is more than a service provider; we’re your trusted partner in creating a home where quality plumbing ensures your comfort and peace of mind. Choose us for plumbing services that go beyond fixing issues – we’re here to elevate your everyday living experience with reliable and efficient plumbing solutions.

  • Gas Line Installation
  • Gas Line Repair
  • Gas Line Replacement
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Sump Pump Repair
  • Sump Pump Testing
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation
  • Tankless Water Heater Repair
  • Tankless Water Heater Maintenance
  • Traditional Water Heater Installation
  • Traditional Water Heater Repair
  • Traditional Water Heater Maintenance
  • Water Softener Installation
  • Water Softener Repair
  • Whole Home Water Filter Installation

Electrical Services in FISHERS, IN

In Fishers, our electrical services go beyond just fixing wires; we’re here to ensure that your living space is powered with precision and safety. From installations to repairs and enhancements, trust Brewer Heating & Cooling to brighten up your home and make electrical worries a thing of the past. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering transparent services, ensuring that every solution we provide is not only efficient but also trustworthy.

  • Circuit Breaker Replacement
  • GFCI Outlet Installation

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From keeping you warm in the winter to ensuring cool breezes in the summer, our dedicated team is committed to providing honest, fair, and transparent solutions for all your heating, cooling, indoor air quality, plumbing, and electrical needs. With a focus on integrity and reliability, we pride ourselves on delivering services free from games or gimmicks. Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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