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When the summer sun beats down and the mercury starts to rise, you need a cooling solution you can rely on. At Brewer Heating & Cooling, we put you first and keep your home comfortable, no matter how hot it gets. Our range of cooling services covers everything from installation to repair – we provide the right solutions and services so that you can enjoy a cool, refreshing atmosphere throughout the year. With a team of experienced technicians and a commitment to delivering fair and honest cooling services, Brewer Heating & Cooling is your trusted partner in achieving the perfect indoor climate. We believe in transparency and putting people above profits – when you work with our team, you’ll receive the reliable cooling services you need without any games or gimmicks.

Air Conditioning Installation

When the heat becomes unbearable, having an efficient air conditioning system in your home is essential. At Brewer Heating & Cooling, we specialize in air conditioning installation that not only meets your cooling needs but also suits your budget. Our experienced technicians will work with you to assess your home’s unique requirements and recommend the right cooling system for you.

We understand that investing in a new air conditioning system can be a significant financial commitment. That’s why we offer flexible financing options to make your purchase more manageable. Our financing plans are designed to accommodate various budgets, ensuring you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home without breaking the bank.

Air Conditioning Repair

Even the most reliable air conditioning systems can encounter issues from time to time. When your AC system breaks down, you can trust Brewer Heating & Cooling to provide prompt and reliable repair services. Our team of skilled technicians is trained to diagnose any air conditioner problems and perform the right repair solutions to solve them. We know that air conditioning problems don’t always occur during regular business hours. That’s why we also offer emergency repair services, 24/7. You can count on us to be there when you need us the most, ensuring that your comfort is restored as quickly as possible.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

At Brewer Heating & Cooling, our air conditioning maintenance services are designed to keep your AC system running smoothly. Our skilled technicians will meticulously inspect, clean, and fine-tune your air conditioning unit, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance not only enhances the longevity of your system but also helps you save on energy bills by optimizing its performance.

Our Care-Free Comfort Plan is a comprehensive service that covers routine maintenance and inspections of your heating and cooling systems. With our Care-Free Comfort Pla, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your home will stay comfortably cool, even in the hottest of summers. We’re committed to providing top-notch air conditioning maintenance services that make your indoor environment refreshing and energy-efficient.

Air Handler Installation

Brewer Heating & Cooling excels in providing top-notch air handler installation services, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Our skilled technicians assess your specific needs and install state-of-the-art air handler units tailored to your home or business. With a focus on precision and quality, we guarantee seamless integration and reliable airflow distribution. Trust Brewer Heating & Cooling for a professional and efficient air handler installation that enhances your indoor comfort.

Air Handler Repair

When your air handler encounters issues, Brewer Heating & Cooling is here to provide swift and effective air handler repair services. Our experienced technicians are adept at diagnosing and resolving a wide range of air handler problems, from motor malfunctions to airflow issues. We prioritize rapid response times and transparent communication, ensuring that your system is back up and running smoothly.

Air Handler Maintenance

Preventative care is key to ensuring the longevity of your HVAC system, and Brewer Heating & Cooling specializes in comprehensive air handler maintenance. Our maintenance plans include regular inspections, cleaning, and tuning of your air handler to optimize performance and energy efficiency. With our proactive approach, we identify potential issues before they become major problems, saving you both time and money in the long run. Choose Brewer Heating & Cooling for thorough air handler maintenance that keeps your system running at peak efficiency.

Ductless Mini Split Installation

Ductless mini split systems are a versatile and energy-efficient way to cool your home without the need for ductwork. At Brewer Heating & Cooling, we provide expert installation services for ductless mini split systems. These systems are perfect for homes with limited space or where retrofitting ductwork is not practical.

We offer flexible financing options for ductless mini split installation. We believe that every homeowner should have access to efficient and modern cooling solutions, and our financing plans make it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of a ductless mini split system without a large upfront cost.

Ductless Mini Split Repair

Ductless mini split systems are known for their reliability, but like any technology, they can experience issues over time. Brewer Heating & Cooling provides efficient repair services for your ductless mini split system. Our technicians have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and fix any problems you may encounter.

Ductless mini split system issues can disrupt your comfort, and they can happen at any time. Our 24/7 emergency repair services ensure that you’re never left sweltering in the heat or shivering in the cold. We’re just a call away whenever you need us.

Ductless Mini Split Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your ductless mini split system operates at peak efficiency throughout its lifespan. Our maintenance services are designed to keep your system in excellent condition, prevent breakdowns, and save you money on your energy bills.

Our Care-Free Comfort Plan covers regular inspections and maintenance services for your ductless mini split system. By signing up for this comprehensive plan, you can enjoy the benefits of regular maintenance and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is well taken care of.

Geothermal HVAC Installation

For environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, turn to Brewer Heating & Cooling for geothermal HVAC installation services. Our experts design and install geothermal systems tailored to your property, harnessing the Earth’s natural heat for year-round comfort. We prioritize sustainable solutions, providing cost-effective and eco-friendly geothermal HVAC installations that reduce your carbon footprint while maximizing energy savings.

Geothermal HVAC Repair

When your geothermal HVAC system requires attention, Brewer Heating & Cooling offers reliable geothermal HVAC repair services. Our technicians are well-versed in troubleshooting geothermal systems and addressing issues such as leaks, pump malfunctions, or sensor problems. With a commitment to prompt and efficient service, we ensure that your geothermal HVAC system is back in optimal condition, delivering eco-friendly heating and cooling to your home or business.

Geothermal HVAC Maintenance

To maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your geothermal HVAC system, Brewer Heating & Cooling provides comprehensive geothermal HVAC maintenance services. Our routine maintenance plans include inspections, fluid checks, and system optimization to keep your geothermal system operating at peak performance. With our proactive approach, we help you enjoy the long-term benefits of geothermal heating and cooling while minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for both heating and cooling your home. They transfer heat from the outdoors to your indoor space in the winter and reverse the process in the summer, providing consistent comfort throughout the year.

We handle all aspects of the installation, from permits (if required) to system setup and testing. You can trust Brewer Heating & Cooling to provide a smooth and stress-free heat pump installation experience, leaving you with a reliable and eco-friendly HVAC system for your Central Indiana home.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Regular heat pump maintenance from Brewer Heating & Cooling offers a multitude of benefits for Indianapolis residents. You’ll experience improved system efficiency, leading to lower energy costs. Most importantly, maintenance helps catch minor issues early on, preventing them from escalating into expensive repairs at a later date. 

Our preventative maintenance tune ups ensure your system operates efficiently and minimizes the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Our NATE-certified technicians perform a detailed inspection, cleaning the coils and filters, checking refrigerant levels, and verifying proper airflow.

Heat Pump Repair

Even the most dependable heat pump can encounter occasional issues. When your home’s comfort is on the line, Brewer Heating & Cooling offers prompt and reliable heat pump repair services. We’re even available 24/7 to tend to any heat pump emergencies you may encounter.

Our NATE-certified technicians possess the expertise to diagnose and resolve a wide range of heat pump problems, ensuring your system gets back to peak performance quickly. They’re equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to address everything from minor electrical malfunctions to complex refrigerant leaks.

HVAC Installation

With our HVAC installation services, Brewer Heating & Cooling can equip your home with a quality heating and cooling system that will provide reliable and efficient operation for years to come. We offer a range of HVAC systems that can keep your home comfortable all year round. Whether you’re replacing an old system or upgrading to a more efficient one, our team will help you choose the right HVAC system for your needs.

The cost of a new HVAC system can be substantial, but we make it easier for you with our flexible financing options. With our financing plans, you can spread the cost of your HVAC installation over time, ensuring you get the home comfort you desire without straining your budget.

HVAC Repair

When your HVAC system isn’t performing as it should, Brewer Heating & Cooling is here to provide reliable repair services. Our technicians have the expertise to diagnose and fix a wide range of issues, ensuring that your home remains comfortable in every season.

When it’s the heat of summer, you can’t afford to wait when your HVAC system breaks down. Our 24/7 emergency repair services ensure that you can get the assistance you need, when you need it, keeping your home’s temperature just the way you like it.

HVAC Maintenance

Brewer Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive HVAC maintenance services that are tailored to meet your comfort and efficiency needs. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of heating and cooling systems, and they work diligently to ensure your HVAC unit remains in optimal working condition.

With our Care-Free Comfort Plan, you can enjoy the benefits of regular, professional maintenance, including improved energy efficiency and reduced risk of unexpected breakdowns. Our commitment to maintaining your HVAC system ensures that your home remains cozy and comfortable year-round.

Zoned HVAC

Brewer Heating & Cooling specializes in zoned HVAC solutions, allowing you to customize the climate in different areas of your home or business. Our expert technicians design and install zoned systems that provide precise temperature control, optimizing comfort and energy efficiency. Whether you seek to regulate individual rooms or specific zones within a large space, our zoned HVAC services cater to your unique needs.


I can always count on Brewer to respond to my HVAC issues promptly with pleasant, professional people who are skilled, neat, helpful and efficient in their service! Thank you for your exemplary work and service! I highly recommend Brewer HVAC.

– Amanda F

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