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Save Money with a High Efficiency Air Conditioning System

Is your air conditioning system old? Are your monthly cooling energy bills to high? Does your central air system require frequent repairs? It can be difficult to decide whether you should continue to repair your existing system, or whether it makes more sense to replace it with a brand new high efficiency AC system. Brewer Heating and Cooling will work with you to custom design the right system to fit your home, budget and your energy saving needs. Brewer offers financing options and can assist you in cashing in on rebates available to you while reducing your energy costs.

What does the SEER Rating Mean?

If you have a central air conditioning system that is 10 years old or older you may be wasting money in energy bills. How can you tell if your AC system is using too much energy? An air conditioning systems energy efficiency is classified by the S.E.E.R. rating. The SEER, which stands for (seasonal energy efficiency ratio), rating of the energy efficiency an air conditioning unit during a season of operation. Using air conditioning equipment with a higher SEER rating means the unit uses energy more efficiently than an air conditioning unit with a lower SEER rating.

Ten years ago the previous national SEER standard was of 10. The current national standard for the SEER rating is 13 and these central air conditioning units are between 20% to 30% more efficient than the previous standard. This means you will spend less of your money each month on energy bills to cool your home each summer without sacrificing the comfort of you and your whole family. If you are considering a new or replacement air conditioning system for you home, Brewer Heating and Cooling Home Comfort Designers can help you select the correct size and most energy efficiency air conditioning system for your home. We currently offer high efficiency air conditioning systems from 13 to 26 SEER.

Air Conditioner Repair Service

Is you air conditioning system providing inadequate air cooling? Does your AC central air unit shut on and off repeatedly or does not run at all? Whatever the problem, Brewer Heating and Cooling’s trained professional technicians can quickly diagnose and repair these problems and more on all brands and types of equipment. If you need fast expert repair, our customer satisfaction surveys with 3 separate monitoring sites averaging 98% satisfaction, you can count on having comfort and peace of mind with a pleasant experience. Call us today!

Air Conditioner Routine Maintenance

Brewer Heating and Cooling recommends your existing air conditioning system be inspected by an expert every spring to ensure your system is operating correctly and safely for the hot summer months ahead. Proper maintenance of an air conditioning system is one of the most neglected but most important services for preventing problems from developing and incurring unwanted repair costs in your existing air conditioning unit. A routine maintenance program will not only help you maintain the energy efficiency of you air conditioning system, saving you money on monthly utility bills, but also help increase the life span of your air conditioning equipment. The Brewer Heating and Cooling maintenance plan is a professional cleaning, adjustment and safety check which is performed on all brands and models of air conditioning units to preserve safe and reliable operation and maintain peak performance of your central air conditioning system.

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