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What Should You Do If Your AC Freezes Up in Columbus, IN?

If you’re in Columbus, Indiana, and your air conditioner has suddenly frozen up, you might be left wondering what to do next. A frozen air conditioning system is a common issue, but it can cause discomfort and even damage to your system if not handled correctly. 

At Brewer Heating & Cooling, we understand how frustrating this can be—let’s dive into what you should do if your air conditioning unit freezes up.

Why Does an Air Conditioner Freeze?

When an air conditioning system freezes, it means that the evaporator coils, responsible for absorbing heat from your home, have become coated in ice. These coils are located within air handlers or furnace cabinets indoors.

If your evaporator coil is frozen, you might notice signs indicating something is wrong with your air conditioning system. The most obvious clue is a noticeable drop in cooling performance—your AC might struggle to produce cold air for your home, or the air coming from the vents might feel warm or less cold than usual. 

A clear sign is visible ice buildup on the indoor HVAC system unit or along the refrigerant lines. This ice accumulation can cause water to pool around the unit as it melts, potentially leading to water damage.

Several factors can cause your air conditioner coils to freeze, including:

  • Blocked Airflow: When air can’t flow freely, the refrigerant in your AC system can’t do its job properly, leading to a freeze.
  • Low Refrigerant Levels: If there’s a leak in your system or if the refrigerant hasn’t been properly maintained, it can result in freezing.
  • Dirty Coils: Dust and dirt on the evaporator coils can affect heat transfer, causing freezing.
  • Faulty Fans: A malfunctioning fan can also lead to reduced airflow and freezing.

A frozen coil not only compromises your home’s comfort but can also damage the unit’s components, potentially leading to an expensive air conditioning repair or the need for emergency services to fix your broken air conditioner.

What to Do If Your Air Conditioning Unit Freezes

Now that you know some of the reasons behind a frozen air conditioner, let’s discuss what you can do to fix it.

Step 1: Turn Off Your AC

The first thing you need to do if you notice ice or frost on your air conditioner coil is to turn it off immediately. Continuing to run it while it’s frozen can cause significant damage to your unit, leading to costly repairs. Switch off the system immediately.

Step 2: Let It Thaw

Once you’ve turned off your air conditioner, give it time to thaw. This process can take several hours, so it’s best to leave it off overnight. While the system is off, set the fan on your thermostat to “On.” This circulates warm air instead of cool air through HVAC systems and over the coil, aiding the thawing process. Place towels or a container beneath the unit to catch any water as the ice melts, as the excess moisture may cause the drip pan to overflow.

Step 3: Check the Air Filter

While your air conditioning equipment is thawing, take a moment to inspect the air filter. A clogged or dirty filter can obstruct airflow, leading to freezing. If the filter looks dirty, replace it with a new one. Regularly changing your air filter is essential to keep your AC running smoothly and efficiently.

Step 4: Inspect the Coils and Fan

After your AC has thawed, check the evaporator coils for dirt or debris. If they’re dirty, clean them gently with a soft brush or vacuum. Be careful not to damage the coils during cleaning. Additionally, inspect the fan within your heating and cooling systems to see that it’s working properly. A malfunctioning fan requires professional air conditioning repair in Columbus, IN.

Step 5: Restart the Air Conditioning Unit

Once you’ve completed your inspections and replaced the air filter, turn your air conditioner back on. Set it to a cool temperature and monitor it closely to see if the freezing issue reoccurs. If the air conditioning unit runs smoothly without freezing, you may have resolved the problem without the need for cooling services.

When to Call a Professional for AC Repair in Columbus, IN

If your air conditioning unit continues to freeze even after following these steps, it’s time to call a professional HVAC contractor for HVAC service. There could be underlying issues, such as a refrigerant leak or a more significant mechanical problem, that require expert attention.

 Brewer Heating & Cooling has experienced technicians ready to assist you with air conditioning repair in Columbus, IN.

Tips for Preventing a Frozen Air Conditioning Coil

To avoid the frustration of a frozen air conditioner and a call for air conditioning repair in the future, consider these preventive measures:

  • Routine Maintenance: Schedule regular maintenance tune ups each spring with our professional HVAC technicians for the superior service your system needs for optimal performance.
  • Clean Air Filters: Change your air filters regularly, ideally every 1-3 months, depending on usage and environment.
  • Clean the Outdoor Unit: Clear away yard debris and vegetation from outdoor air conditioners or heat pump units to ensure proper airflow through the system.
  • Maintain Proper Airflow: Keep vents and registers unobstructed to ensure adequate airflow throughout your cooling system and home.

Following these preventive tips can help you avoid the inconvenience of a frozen air conditioner and ensure your system operates efficiently throughout the summer months. To schedule a maintenance tune up with an HVAC technician, contact Brewer Heating & Cooling today.

Schedule AC Repair for Your System in Columbus, IN

If you’re facing AC issues or need professional cooling services from our skilled technicians, Brewer Heating & Cooling is here to help. Whether you need routine repair service or emergency repairs, we strive to take care of your air conditioning problem quickly and can often make a same-day appointment.

Contact us today for expert air conditioning repair in Columbus, Indiana, and the surrounding counties. As a family-owned company, our HVAC contractors provide honest and reliable HVAC services to keep your home filled with cool air all summer long.


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